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Called to Go

Called to Go

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Publisher Covenanter Bookshop

This book is dedicated to the glory of God and to the power of His Word. It honours the life and devotion of Shirley Chapman who spent more than thirty years with a remote indigenous group of people in the Amazon jungle. Shirley followed God s call to live and work with the Paumarí people, learning their unwritten language, devising a way to write it, teaching them to read and then working to translate the scriptures for them. It also honours the partnership with Mary Ann Odmark who worked with Shirley for many years, and Meinke Salzer who joined them in 1976 and who, with Shirley, saw it to its completion. Many other people around the world have dedicated their life s work to the translation of the scriptures. Countless others still do. We honour them all.

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