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Caught Up in a Three Way Thug Affair

Caught Up in a Three Way Thug Affair

By: Breanna Wimberly

Product Details
Publisher EP Books
Year 2016
ISBN 9781534863095

Meet Capone, a twenty-six-year old Boss that religiously chases every dead president that he comes across. Sitting high on his throne, Capone feels as if he's earned his spot, but in order for him to reign supreme he has to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. What is the secret weapon to keeping the power that everyone so desperately wants? The most powerful beings in the world...his women.Like clock work each woman is hopelessly memorized by the baby faced Boss. He runs game like no other leaving the women clueless to the plans that he is carefully putting in motion. That is until one secret slips through the cracks, threatening to destroy the very lies Capone has kept hidden. Exposing not only the skeletons in his closet, but also those that are tangled in a Three-Way Thug Affair that they've gotten themselves caught up in.

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