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Full review of With Him: A Biblical Model of Discipleship for Men by Rev Professor Edward Donnelly

Adrian McKibbin With Him Book Review

  With Him: A Biblical Model of Discipleship For Men


Review from Ted Donnelly from the Covenanter Witness

‘With Him’

Ken G Smith, With Him.  A biblical model of discipleship for men

10publishing, 63 pages £2.99

I first met Ken Smith fifty-three years ago this summer, but our truly deep relationship did not begin to develop for another seven years, when the Lord, having brought him with Floy and their boys into twelve months of service in an Ulster congregation, wove them closely into fellowship with my wife and me, who had begun our life of pastoral ministry in a nearby church.  The many years since have strengthened and deepen our real love for and (this being chiefly in one direction!) learning from each other.  Now, as he approaches ninety years of age, Ken has put into print a summary of the teaching and practice which has characterized his service of his Lord.

Short yet rich, clear yet profound, demanding yet thrilling, here is a wonderful path into the heart of productive Christian discipleship.  We learn how and why the Lord Jesus enriched the men whom he had chosen to serve him, with emphasis especially on the way in which they were trained to be used to bring others into the kingdom. 

This is presented in the light of today – how we are to dwell close to Christ, praying then to be led to those whom we may help to grow, so that they too may reach out to others.  Ken Smith has written these pages after well over half a century of fruitful experience, evidenced in various places and in the lives and ministry of many people transformed by the Lord through him.  May this volume be used to help equip a new generation of Christian disciples. 

Here is a man, who through an unusual enabling by his beloved Saviour, continues to proclaim him with the energy of a believer many decades younger.  However long or short may be our God-planned lives, let us read these pages, then pray through them, learn from them and give ourselves to being used by Christ, above all to training our ‘sons and daughters’ even more richly than we have imagined hitherto.  Let pastors aim at encouraging ever more people in their congregations to live out what is taught here.  

With Him is available from at £2.99 RRP £4.99 follow this link.


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