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Christian Ministry Discount Day

Welcome to Christian Ministry Discount Day from This is a new initiative for 2017, which will be available each month, and if you are involved in Christian Ministry or are a student studying for the Christian Ministry you may apply for the Christian Ministry Discount Day. Once the date of the CMDD has been posted here you can email with the following details:

  1. Full name.
  2. Full postal address
  3. Denomination
  4. Name of Congregation to which you are ministering or state if you are a student for Christian Ministry and include where you are studying.
  5. Email address.

Please make the subject line of the email read for this month February 2017:

CMDD February 2017 will then email you back with the details necessary to claim the discount on the CMDD.

The CMDD for:

February 2017 is Saturday 11th February 2017 when the discount rate will be 20% for those who have applied and qualify.