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An Open Door, A True Story of Courage in Congo HB

An Open Door, A True Story of Courage in Congo HB

By: Maud Kells

£7.50 £9.99
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Publisher 10Publishing
Year 2019
ISBN 9781912373642

I was aware of a slight unease. In all my years at the hospital, I had never had a hoax call. Suddenly out of the darkness ran two masked figures in camouflage clothing pointing something shaped like a gun, covered in leaves. ˜You won't scare me. You won't get the better of me flashed through my mind as I reached out to grab the weapon.€ When twenty-five-year-old Maud Kells gave up her home in Ireland to replace martyred missionaries in Congo she was acutely aware of the risk she was taking. Despite the state of the war-torn country, her own reserved nature and the objections of her family, she chose to follow the God who promised I am with you. That is all you need. This is the remarkable story of an ordinary woman who decided to walk through the door God opened for her, whatever the cost.

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