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Ten At Work

Ten At Work

£6.49 £8.99
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Publisher IVP
Year 2011
ISBN 9781844745579

Taking each of the Ten Commandments in turn, John Parmiter shows how we can trust in God in our workplaces. Far from presenting a set of rules, his central themes are love and the generous promises of God. With clarity, warmth and practical applications, he demonstrates how we can be more confident as Christians where we work.

What do the ancient stone tablets Moses carried down the mountain have to do with our twenty-first-century high-pressure workplaces?

Everything, says John Parmiter.

In this honest and inspiring book, he explores how applying the Ten Commandments to our jobs brings us freedom and godly purpose. Focusing as they do on personal integrity and our key relationships (with God and with others), they are disarmingly relevant to the daily pressures we face at work.

John's insights have been tested in the fire of a contemporary business environment, and pass muster in any boardroom, brickyard or baby-care situation. They provide, whatever your work, a compelling and fresh take on living wholeheartedly for Jesus.

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