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Children's 'King James' Bible

Children's 'King James' Bible

Product Details
Publisher Reformation Heritage Books
Year 2006
ISBN 9781892777713

Dr Joel Beekes Reformation Heritage Books have produced this edition of the slightly simplified and updated version of the King James translation issued by Jay P Green in 1960-62. Dr Beeke writes: The Childrens King James Bible brings the majesty and faithfulness of the King James Version to the level of children. The wording of the unsurpassed King James Version has been adjusted to suit a fourth graders comprehension. Because it follows the King James Version so closely, The Childrens King James Bible should allow a child to transition easily to the King James Version within a few years.

Table of Contents

Bible Stories

  1. Wise Men From the East
  2. The Flight Into Egypt
  3. The Temptations of Jesus
  4. The Kingdom of Heaven
  5. Treasures in Heaven
  6. Doers of the Word
  7. Jesus and the Sabbath
  8. The Parable of the Tares
  9. Jesus Walks on the Water
  10. A Heathen Woman's Faith
  11. Jesus is Transfigured
  12. The Unmerciful Servant
  13. The Lord of the Vineyard
  14. The Wedding Feast
  15. the Wise and Foolish Virgins
  16. The Last Supper
  17. The Burial of Jesus
  18. Through the Roof
  19. Four Kinds of Soil
  20. Pigs into the Sea
  21. Jairus' Daughter is Raised
  22. A Birthday Party
  23. Five Loaves and Two Fishes
  24. The Deaf Hear and the Blind See
  25. A Den of Thieves
  26. The Wicked Farmers
  27. Gethsemane
  28. The Kiss of Judas
  29. Peter Denioes his Lord
  30. John the Baptist is Born
  31. Gabriel's Message to Mary
  32. Jesus is Born
  33. In His Father's House
  34. The Great Catch of Fish
  35. The Roman Centurion
  36. Anointed by a Sinful Woman
  37. The Good Samaritan
  38. Ask, and it Shall be Given
  39. The Prodigal Son
  40. The Rich Man and Lazarus
  41. Two Prayers and Two Gifts
  42. Zaccheus
  43. Hossanna to the Son of David
  44. Jesus is Risen
  45. On the Way to Emmaus

And many more chapters...

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