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Christian Dogmatics PB

Christian Dogmatics PB

£18.99 £24.99
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Publisher Baker Academic
Year 2016
ISBN 9780801048944

Reformed Theology for the Church Catholic.

This one-volume introduction to systematic theology draws deeply on the catholic and Reformed heritage to present the major doctrines of the Christian faith, displaying the power of theological retrieval for the church's renewal. Leading Reformed theologians offer the "state of the question" on standard theological topics and engage in both exegetical and historical retrieval for the sake of theological analysis. Christian Dogmatics represents the exciting new theological trajectory of Reformed catholicity and will serve professors and students in systematic theology or Christian doctrine courses well. It will also be of interest to pastors and church leaders. Contents Introduction Michael Allen and Scott R. Swain 1. Knowledge of God Michael Allen 2. Holy Scripture Kevin J. Vanhoozer 3. Divine Attributes Michael Allen 4. Divine Trinity Scott R. Swain 5. Covenant of Redemption Scott R. Swain 6. Creation out of Nothing John Webster 7. Providence John Webster 8. Anthropology Kelly M. Kapic 9. Sin Oliver D. Crisp 10. Incarnation Daniel J. Treier 11. The Work of Christ Accomplished Donald Macleod 12. The Work of Christ Applied Richard Gaffin 13. The Law of God and Christian Ethics Paul T. Nimmo 14. The Church Michael Horton 15. Sacraments Todd Billings 16. Kingdom of God Michael Horton Indexes

“With this volume, Michael Allen and Scott Swain continue their promising project of Reformed catholicity. Those of us who identify as confessional Reformed Christians should embrace their call to center our faith and life around the Scriptures yet to do so as participants in an ancient and enduring community of believers who have mined the Scriptures and confessed the faith before us. Christian Dogmatics brings together a diverse group of thoughtful and accomplished theologians who take up the editors' call for retrieval and reflect upon most of the main themes of Christian theology. Their constructive proposals embrace a variety of classical and revisionist ideas, and although no reader will embrace everything proposed herein, no one will fail to be challenged, edified, and spurred on to further study of Scripture with the help of our theological forebears.”

— David VanDrunen

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