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Confidence In God In Times Of Danger PB

Confidence In God In Times Of Danger PB

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Publisher Covenanter Bookshop
ISBN Confidence In God

Confidence in God in Times of Danger: Divine Providence - A Study of God's Providence in the Book of Esther by Alexander Carson and published by Classics.

The great design of this portion of the Holy Scriptures is to display the wisdom, providence, and power of God in the preservation of His people, and in the destruction of their enemies. We learn from it that the most casual events which take place in the affairs of the world are connected with His plans respecting His people; and that the most trifling things are appointed and directed by Him to effect His purposes. It decides a question that philosophy has conversed for ages, and will never fathom; recording a number of events, the result of man’s free will, yet evidently appointed of God, and directed by His providence.

From the Bible and this Book of Esther the believer may learn to place unbounded confidence in the care of his God in the utmost danger; and to look to the Lord of omnipotence for deliverance when there is no apparent means of escape. It demonstrates a particular providence, in the minutest things, and affords the most solid answer to all the objections of philosophy to this consoling truth.

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