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Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption through Scripture PB

Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption through Scripture PB

By: Alastair J. Roberts, Andrew Wilson

£12.99 £13.99
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Publisher Crossway
Year 2018
ISBN 9781433557989

The exodus—the story of God leading his chosen people out of slavery in Egypt—stands as a pivotal event in the Old Testament. But if you listen closely, you will hear echoes of this story of redemption all throughout God’s Word.

Using music as a metaphor, the authors point us to the recurring theme of the exodus throughout the entire symphony of Scripture, shedding light on the Bible’s unified message of salvation and restoration that is at the heart of God’s plan for the world.


Alastair J. Roberts (PhD, Durham University) is one of the participants in the Mere Fidelity podcast and a fellow of Scripture and theology with the Greystone Theological Institute.



Andrew Wilson (PhD, King's College London) is the teaching pastor at King's Church London and a columnist for Christianity Today. He is the author of several books, including Unbreakable





“I treasure books that bring the Scriptures to life, such as this one. This is what biblical theology should look like. This work by Roberts and Wilson taught me a great deal about the Bible and gave me a renewed appreciation for the exodus motif throughout God’s Word. Seminary professors, preachers, Bible study leaders, and others are going to love Echoes of Exodus.”
Mark Jones, Teaching Elder, Faith Vancouver Presbyterian Church, Vancouver, British Columbia


Table of Contents:

Prelude: Echoes of the Exodus

1. A Musical Reading of Scripture
2. The First Supper (Matthew 26)

First Movement: Out of the House of Slaves
3. From the Bulrushes to the Bush (Exodus 1-3)
4. The Battle of the Gods (Exodus 4-15)
5. True Freedom (Exodus – Deuteronomy)
6. Journey’s End (Joshua 1-7)

Second Movement: The Exodus in Genesis
7. People of Rest (Genesis 6-9)
8. Russian Dolls (Genesis 10-15)
9. Just Like Us (Genesis 16-26)
10. Wrestling with God (Genesis 27-50)

Third Movement: The Reechoing of Exodus
11. Wings of Refuge (Ruth 1-4)
12. The Capture of God (1 Samuel 1-7)
13. All About the House (1 Samuel 15—2 Samuel 24)
14. The End of the Exodus? (1 Kings 6-13)
15. Elijah and Elisha (1 Kings 16—2 Kings 13)
16. The Outstretched Arm (Isaiah—Malachi)
17. Purim and Purity (Ezra—Esther)

Fourth Movement: The Great Deliverance
18. The Crescendo (Matthew—John)
19. The Exodus of Jesus (Matthew—John)
20. Sinai and Pentecost (Acts)
21. Paul’s Gospel (Romans—Jude)
22. The Exodus of Everything (Revelation)

Coda: Living the Exodus    
General Index
Scripture Index

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