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Elsie's Great Hope

Elsie's Great Hope

By: Martha Finley

Product Details
Publisher Mission City PressInc
Year 2001
ISBN 9781928749080

Amid crashing thunder, roaring winds, pounding rain, and the creaking of the steamer as it struggled forward in the rolling sea, the passengers could hear the occasional shouted order from the officers. The steamer was tossed from side to side. 'Are we in danger of striking the rocks, Papa?' Elsie asked her father. 'I think not, ' he replied. At that instant, a terrible cracking sound assaulted their ears. The whole boat shuddered, and a man's panicked voice rose high above the screams and cries---'We've struck ground! We'll all be drowned!' As the storms of life continue to break around Elsie Dinsmore Travilla and her family, there are terrible tragedies to endure and times of joy as well. The Travilla children are growing up and facing life-altering decisions. Others in the Dinsmore family must confront dramatic upheavals in their lives. As the United States approaches the celebration of its first century as a nation, will Elsie and her family have their own causes to celebrate? How will adversity affect Elsie's world and the hopes of those she loves so dearly? Elsie's Great Hope again takes readers into the exciting story of a family grounded in Christian love and faith. Adapted from the influential nineteenth century novels by Miss Martha Finley, this eighth book in the series offers modern readers a wealth of hope and wisdom that is as meaningful today as it was over a hundred years ago. Elsie's Great Hope is packed with new adventures and fascinating characters that promise to intrigue and inspire readers of every age.

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