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Faith in the Face of Danger

Faith in the Face of Danger

By: Jonathan Lamb

Product Details
Publisher Authentic
Year 2004
ISBN 9781850785804

A study of the book of Nehemiah and a practical guide to determined faithfulness in Christian discipleship. One of the most common temptations facing Christians today is simply to give up. Discouragement is one of the greatest weapons of the enemy. The book of Nehemiah shows us what it means to live by God's priorities, and to sustain our Christian service with faithfulness and determination against all kinds of odds. It is not simply a story of the heroic faith of an individual, but the building of God's people, and it has strategic lessons for Christian faith and community today. Supported by questions and practical suggestions for individuals and groups, it addresses a range of themes which are just as urgent for Christians now as they were for God's people in Jerusalem in Nehemiah's day, as the people returned not just to rebuild the wall but to rebuild their identity and community life. They include such fundamental issues as God's purposes and priorities for Christian discipleship and and the challenges of living as God's distinct people. But most of all the book of Nehemiah represents a call to know God more fully - the foundation for faith in the face of danger. Each chapter contains: - Aims - Exposition - Study Group Ideas - Study Questions - Reflection and Response

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