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God Has Spoken:  A History of Christian Theology

God Has Spoken: A History of Christian Theology

By: Gerald Lewis Bray

Product Details
Publisher IVP
Year 2014
ISBN 9781783591626

Theology is important - and so is the story behind the specific doctrines that have been debated, defined and refined throughout church history. Gerald Bray introduces readers to the history of Christian theology. Unlike other volumes on the topic, Bray's is not organized primarily by time period or distinct doctrinal categories. Rather, he puts theology first and history second, following a Trinitarian pattern that begins with God the Father, moves on to God the Son, and ends with God the Holy Spirit. This unique approach offers readers a more holistic understanding of the development of theology, paralleling the order in which the church wrestled with challenging theological issues and controversies related to God, humanity and salvation.

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