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Guardians Of Creation Nature In Theology And The Christian Life

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Publisher Apollos
ISBN 9780851109510

The closing years of the last century saw a dramatic heightening of anxiety about the environment. Global warming and the depletion of the ozone layer are seldom out of the news.
In this balanced and well-researched book Lawrence Osborn investigates the current environmental crisis and looks at the background to western attitudes to the environment, particularly the theological traditions relating to creation. He discusses environmentalist objections to Christianity and goes onto re-examine the disparate and often inconsistent Christian responses to contemporary environmentalism.
Dr Osborn argues that at both theoretical and practical levels Christians urgently need to develop a Christian environmental ethic. And that ethic needs by fundamental theological attention to the environment as a dimension of God's good creation.' In the light of this concern he advances suggestion for further theological debate, prayer and practical Christian action to care for and conserve the environment.

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