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How They Prayed: Household Prayers PB

How They Prayed: Household Prayers PB

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Publisher Harvey Christian Publishers
ISBN 9781932774764

This book is a plea for a return of prayer and worship in the home, citing many examples of how praying family members have prevailed with God for their loved ones. Read of parents who prayed for their children, children who prayed for their parents, wives and husbands who prayed for their partners. 19 short, easy-to-read chapters. Bishop J.C. Ryle wrote, It is not enough to keep boys and girls at home and shut out every outward temptation. They carry within them a heart ready for any sin, and until that heart is changed, they are not safe whatever we do. Bad companions are a great evil to be avoided as much as possible. But no bad companion teaches a boy or girl half as much sin as their own hearts will suggest to them, unless they are renewed by the Spirit.... If parents were half as diligent in praying for their children's conversion as they are in keeping them from bad company, their children would turn out far better than they do. All this and more in this book!

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