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Liberated: How The Bible Exalts And Dignifies Women

Liberated: How The Bible Exalts And Dignifies Women

By: Karen Soole

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Publisher Christian Focus Publications
Year 2021
ISBN 9781527107298

here are parts of the Bible that I have struggled with, and bits that seemed far removed from my life as a twenty–first–century woman. I have wrestled with them, but as I read, I came to know that God offers more liberation, more freedom, and more fulfilment than I could dare to imagine.


Equality for all people is a foundational principle in our culture and embedded in our law. The consensus is clear: all people are equally valuable. However, religion is seen as a stronghold that promotes inequality. There is a widespread belief that the Bible is sexist. Women fear that God does not want their good and instead, he wants to box them in and clip their wings. Our culture believes that they need to forget religion to achieve equality.

This, however, is not the case. The principle of equality is established in the first pages of the Bible, and its message exalts and dignifies both men and women. Bible teacher, conference speaker and author Karen Soole shares what she has discovered as she has read the Bible and grappled with it over many years.

She takes us through the Bible story from Genesis to Revelation and challenges the reader to decide whether God is offering life and liberation, or suffocation and oppression. It is an invitation to meet and know the God of the Bible, and to view his Word through the lens of his character.

Chapter titles include

  1. Thirsty
  2. Made in God’s Image: Genesis 1
  3. Made for Relationship: Genesis 2
  4. Messing up the Design: Genesis 3
  5. The Fallout
  6. How the Story Unfolds
  7. From Bad to Worse
  8. Worrying Laws
  9. Wisdom for All
  10. The Broken Bride
  11. The Wife
  12. Liberation

Although this book is about women, it is not ‘only for women’. These things matter to everyone. This book was written for men and women, although it addresses concerns that women face in particular. These concerns are relevant to everyone.


About Karen Soole

Karen oversees Women’s Ministry at Trinity Church, Lancaster. She is the chair of the Northern Women’s Convention and Women’s Ministry Director for Anglican Mission in England. Author of ‘Unleash the Word’. She has been teaching the bible for over thirty years.

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