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Media, Journalism, and Communication:  A Student's Guide

Media, Journalism, and Communication: A Student's Guide

By: Read Mercer Schuchardt

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Publisher Crossway
Year 2018
ISBN 9781433535147

In an age of accelerating information and increasing technology, media matters more now than ever.

In this book, Read Mercer Schuchardt helps us navigate the digital age from a distinctly Christian perspective, offering guidance for becoming wise users of media rather than simply being used by media. Highlighting the importance of studying and understanding communication arts and how they are changing, this book will help you think creatively about using media effectively for the sake of the gospel, the church, and the world.



Read Mercer Schuchardt (PhD, New York University) is associate professor of communication at Wheaton College. He earned his doctorate under the invitation of the late Neil Postman at NYU’s Media Ecology program. He is also a member of the Media Ecology Association and the International Jacques Ellul Society. Schuchardt is a contributor to several books on communication and media theory, is the editor of You Do Not Talk About Fight Club, and the co-founder and editorial chair of the online journal Second Nature. He and his wife, Rachel, have ten children.



Table of Contents:

Series Preface
Introduction: On Pedagogical Elegance

  1. Why Media Matters More Now Than Ever Before
  2. Social Media in the Age of Global Information Warfare
  3. Christian Identity as the Antidote to Digital Identity
  4. You Are Being Lied To. What Is the Nature of the Lie?

Questions for Reflection
Resources for Further Study
General Index
Scripture Index

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