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Miraculous Healing: Why Does God Heal Some and Not Others?

Miraculous Healing: Why Does God Heal Some and Not Others?

By: Henry W. Frost

Product Details
Publisher Christian Focus Publications
Year 2008
ISBN 9781857925302

Why does God heal some and not others? This question has stimulated much heart-searching and discussion. The views that people how today are not new, for each of them has a pedigree which stretches back over centuries. Few have brought such clarity in thinking to the issue as Henry Frost. Dr. Frost's method is particularly helpful. He starts on the practical level by citing cases and examples which prove the fact of miraculous healing. He then proceeds to deal with the difficulties, both on the practical and experimental plane, and also in the realm of correct and clear thinking. Above all he is thoroughly Biblical, and not only orthodox, but also truly spiritually-minded. Even though it was first published in 1931 is it still widely quoted and regarded by many as authoritative.

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