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Our Ancient Foe:  Satan's History, Activity, and Ultimate Demise

Our Ancient Foe: Satan's History, Activity, and Ultimate Demise

By: Ronald L. Kohl

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Publisher Presbyterian and Reformed
Year 2019
ISBN 9781629956459

Our sworn enemy goes by many names. Scripture calls him our “adversary” who prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He “doth seek to work us woe”—and our testimonies and lives hang in the balance.

Yet Christians are often ignorant of his plans, power, and even presence, and are easily caught off guard. Are we taking Satan seriously? Do we know how to stand firm against the prince of this world?

Here, respected pastor-scholars shine the light of Scripture on our ancient foe, identifying who he is, explaining how he operates, exposing his deceit, and celebrating his final demise. They will equip you to more fully understand the war we are engaged in and how you can “resist the devil” in the power of Christ.

       R. Kent Hughes — Satan in the Garden

       Thomas J. Nettles — Knowing Satan

       Ronald L. Kohl — Malevolent Methodology

       Derek W. H. Thomas — The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

       Roger Nicole — Conflict with Evil

       R. Kent Hughes — Deliverance from the Evil One

       Joel R. Beeke — Persevering in Satan’s Sieve

       Thomas J. Nettles — The Final Demise

       Sinclair Ferguson — All Things New

Each year, the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology presents speakers and subjects to strengthen the church’s faith. This carefully edited selection concentrates on our knowledge of and resistance against Satan.

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