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Perspectives on Pentecost

Perspectives on Pentecost

By: Richard B. Gaffin, Richard B. Gaffin, Jr.

Product Details
Publisher Presbyterian and Reformed
Year 1979
ISBN 9780875522692

With exegetical depth, objectivity, and clarity Richard B. Gaffin examines prophecy and tongues and makes a case for the cessation of both gifts at the close of the apostolic era. Pentecost is presented as integral to the once-for-all work of Christ and decisive for the life of the whole church. Dr. Gaffin's biblical theological perspective is thorough. He defines all the spiritual gifts generally; he clarifies the nature of prophecy and tongues and the question of their continuance in the church today; and he indicates how these exegetical studies bear on contemporary interest in charismatic gifts. - Back cover.

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