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Reformed Ethics   Volume Two HB

Reformed Ethics Volume Two HB

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Publisher Baker Academic
ISBN 9780801098222

Herman Bavinck's four-volume Reformed Dogmatics is one of the most important theological works of the twentieth century. The English translation was edited by leading Bavinck expert John Bolt, who now brings forth a recently discovered manuscript from Bavinck that is being published for the first time. Serving as a companion to Reformed DogmaticsReformed Ethics offers readers Bavinck's mature reflections on ethical issues. This book, the second of three planned volumes, covers the duties of the Christian life and includes Bavinck's exposition of the Ten Commandments.


Continued from Volume 1

Book III Humanity after Conversion
13. Duties, Precepts and Counsels, Adiaphora
§27 The Doctrine (Theory) of Duty
§28 Precepts and Counsels
§29 Duties and the Permissible; Adiaphora
14. Collision and Classification of Duties
§30 Collision of Duties
§31 Classification of Duties
Part A. Our Duties toward God
15. No Other Gods; No Images
§32 The First Commandment
§33 The Second Commandment
16. The Honor of God's Name
§34 The Third Commandment
17. The Sabbath
§35 The Fourth Commandment
Part B. Our Duties toward Ourselves
18. General Bodily Duties to Self
§36 General Duties (Self-Preservation)
§37 Duties toward Bodily Life
19. Basic Necessities of Bodily Life
§38 Food and Nourishment
§39 Clothing
20. Bodily Duties to Our Souls
§40 Our Duty to Life Itself
§41 Attending to Bodily Life in the Seventh through Ninth Commandments
§42 Duties toward the Soul
Part C. Duties toward Our Neighbor
21. Loving Our Neighbor
§43 Neighbor Love in General
§44 Degrees of Neighbor Love (Fifth Commandment)
§45 Concern for Our Neighbor's Life (Sixth Commandment)
§46 Duties toward Our Neighbor's Chastity (Seventh Commandment)
§47 Duties toward Our Neighbor's Property (Eighth Commandment)
§48 Duties toward Our Neighbor's Reputation (Ninth Commandment)
§49 Covetousness (Tenth Commandment)

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