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Rescuing Christmas: The Search for Joy That Lasts

Rescuing Christmas: The Search for Joy That Lasts

By: Carl Laferton

Product Details
Publisher The Good Book Company
Year 2017
ISBN 9781784982683

Do you look forward to getting to Christmas to give you a lift, or just aim to get through Christmas, without any family arguments?

Often, we're so busy getting to or getting through that we don't actually get Christmas—and when we miss its meaning, we miss out on a joy that lasts. This book takes you on a journey to find a joy that continues through the ups and downs of life—and beyond.

Perfect for giving away at Christmas services, or to non-believing friends and family.



  1. Lying Awake and Looking for Batteries
  2. The Gift of a Leader
  3. The Gift of Friendship
  4. The Gift of a Clean Start
  5. Finding Joy that Lasts



Christmas is ultimately about the Son of God of God coming to rescue his people from their sins and establish his glorious kingdom. Regrettably, even many Christians fail to reflect on this truth during the Christmas season. Rescuing Christmas is a concise, compelling, and faithful explanation of the meaning of Christ’s birth. This enormously versatile book is a resource for evangelism, discipleship, and personal devotion that should be in every Christian’s library.

Albert Mohler, Jr.

President, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary



Fr those of us, who in a corner of our hearts, retain a child-like joy at the prospect of Christmas, this book unpacks that joy's permanent source.  It's all about understanding what the gold, frankincense and myrrh really mean.  Do you?  If not, read on and rejoice.

Rico Tice

Founder of Christianity Explored Ministries; Senior Minister, All Souls Langham Place, London

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