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The Gender Revolution A Biblical, Biological and Compassionate Response PB

The Gender Revolution A Biblical, Biological and Compassionate Response PB

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Publisher Matthias
ISBN 9781925424973

No topic has generated as much heat in our culture wars, or as much pain and confusion in the lives of the real people affected, as our society's transgender revolution. The Gender Revolution offers a much-needed blend of clarity, conviction and compassion. It provides a road map for Christians wishing to engage with their neighbours and a pathway to freedom and hope for those grappling with these issues on a personal level.



  • Preface: Why this book at this time?

    1.    A world awhirl with words
    2.    Who am I? Seeking the source for our identity
    3.    Harmony and disharmony
    4.    Embodied and binary: Is biology destiny?
    5.    Desire, orientation, romantic love and choice
    6.    Gendered behaviour and transgender ideology: Biblical, biological and cultural views
    7.    The minefield of management
    8.    How should we live? Responding with compassion and truth

    Appendix: On the use of pronouns and new names
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Don Carson

Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Contemporary discussion of sexual and gender issues faces a plethora of challenges: the changing meaning of words, the revolution in perceptions of reality, the personal investment that countless millions of people have made in one position or another, the emotional intensity that drapes the chasms that divide us, the increasingly complex legal and social pressures that shape the debate, and much more. That is why this book by Patricia Weerakoon and two associates (one of them her son) is so welcome: here is the clarity of thought and writing one expects of experts. Agree or disagree with their arguments, but you will come away better informed, and better able to engage in the discussion with more light than heat. They may even change your mind!

Megan Best

This book gives a very clear and accessible explanation of transgender ideology and the confusion it is causing in society. Patricia Weerakoon and her co-authors give us a compelling argument for why we need to oppose this phenomenon if we truly want to love our neighbour, and how we can best care for those in our midst suffering from gender incongruity. They explain what it means to be made male or female in the image of God, and how we can find our true identity in Christ. This book deserves widespread attention, whether you are grappling with your gender identity or seeking to support those who are.

Rico Tice

Christianity Explored Ministries; Senior Minister, All Souls Langham Place, London

This book could not be more timely. Every week, literally every week, I am hearing heart-rending stories of young people who’ve been swept up by the gender ideology of this cultural moment and are, therefore, tragically unable to celebrate what it is to be male and female. Wonderfully, here is a short book that gives the biblical and scientific principles that enable a response of clarity, grace and compassion. I will be giving it out to many, both inside and outside the church famil

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