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The Gift: How Your Leadership Can Serve Your Church PB

The Gift: How Your Leadership Can Serve Your Church PB

By: Chris Green

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Publisher IVP
Year 2021
ISBN 9781789742961

Pastors face two temptations when they consider church leadership: one, common in more culturally conservative churches, is simply to preach faithfully and assume that that alone is adequate Christian leadership; the other, common in more culturally contemporary churches, is to apply secular business wisdom, but uncritically. 

Both drive a wedge between the Bible and leadership. But what if the Bible offers a consistent pattern, showing how human communities can flourish under the good rule of God's Word?

Drawing on years of teaching and ministry, Chris Green establishes Christian leaders as God's best possible gift to church communities.


Lecturer in Old Testament Studies and Biblical Hebrew, Oak Hill College, London. PhD New College, University of Edinburgh. MA Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Author of commentaries on Esther and Malachi in the forthcoming ESV Bible Expositional Commentary series.



Recent years have witnessed a plethora of studies on Job, but none of them is quite like this one. Most make much of God's apparent refusal to address Job's questions directly: on this reading, God wants us to trust the One who cast Orion into the heavens, who controls the treasures of the snow, who made the crocodile. God is to be trusted because he is incomparably greater than we are. But Eric Ortlund argues that this interpretation of the book mis-reads too many passages. Probing carefully such features as the double speeches of God, the differences between Job's first and second responses to God's speeches, and the meaning of Leviathan, he argues persuasively that the Book of Job is not as open-ended as many have thought, but offers a firm foundation for Job's ultimate response.

- D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, USA

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