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The Peep of Day

The Peep of Day

By: F. L. Mortimer

Product Details
Publisher Christian Focus Publications
Year 2000
ISBN 9781857925852

Each daily segment starts with a devotional section, an activity section, the lesson itself, questions and finally a conclusion to wrap up the segment. Peep of Day is split into eight sections of between three and fifteen lessons.Section 1: My Family and Me - Body, Parents, SoulSection 2: Angels - Good Angels, Wicked AngelsSection 3: God's World - The World (3 lessons), Adam & Eve, The first sin, The Son of GodSection 4: Jesus has Arrived - Virgin Mary, Birth of Jesus, Shepherds, Wise Men, King HerodSection 5: Jesus at Work - The Temptation, 12 disciples, First miracle, Several miracles, Sinner & Simon, Storm at Sea, Jairus' daughter, Loaves and fishes, Kindness of Jesus, Lord's prayer, Jesus foretells his death, Lazarus, Jesus in Jerusalem, The Temple, JudasSection 6: The Last Meal - The Last Supper (3 lessons)Section 7: The Final Night - The Garden, Peter's denial, Pontius Pilate, Death of JudasSection 8: Jesus Dies - The Cross (3 lessons), The Soldiers, The GraveThese classic devotional books have been the source of blessing to countless Christian families over several generations. Whilst still retaining their classic feel, the text has been updated to appeal to today's reader and additional features added to help the lessons be adopted.

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