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The Sum of Saving Knowledge HB

The Sum of Saving Knowledge HB

By: James Durham and David Dickson

Product Details
Publisher Crown and Covenant
Year 2022
ISBN 9781943017539

A Brief Summary of Christian Doctrine Contained in the Holy Scriptures, and Held Forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, Together with its Practical Use

(Original authors: David Dickson, James Durham)

Written in 1650 by two pastors to summarize the Westminster Standards for the lay person. So popular was the book, that it was bound with almost every edition of the Westminster Standards for the next three centuries and became a cherished part of the Scottish Reformed literary heritage—though it remains largely unknown today. This new gift edition, lightly edited and in modernized English, may again make The Sum a treasured companion for Christians at all stages of their journey. It also includes a newly created apparatus to help the reader easily locate specific sections.


“...The Sum of Saving Knowledge, the work which I think first wrought a saving change in me. How gladly would I renew the reading of it, if that change might be carried on to perfection!”

— ROBERT MURRAY M’CHEYNE, 19th Century revival preacher, in his diary

The Sum of Saving Knowledge is one of the documents of the era of the Westminster Assembly held most dear by Presbyterians.…Suitable for families and Bible studies, this new edition with Dr. Whitla’s introduction is a welcome addition to Crown & Covenant’s stellar collection of Reformed and Presbyterian publications.”

—CHAD VAN DIXHOORN, professor of church history, Westminster Theological Seminary

“I heartily recommend this new edition of The Sum of Saving Knowledge; it is great to have an edition of this classic work made available in such an attractive, user-friendly format.”

—REV. RAYMOND BLAIR, lecturer in church history, Reformed Theological College, Belfast

"The Sum of Saving Knowledge was published in the mid-17th century as a brief summary of the doctrine, and application of the doctrine, contained in the Scriptures, and in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms produced in the 1640s. It is an excellent exposition of the gospel, and it is an encouragement that it has been made available separately with suggestions for its use. Beautifully produced and set out, this new edition is highly recommended.

—REV. JOHN W. KEDDIE, chairman, Scottish Reformation Society


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