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The Weed with an Ill Name

The Weed with an Ill Name

By: Ralph Bouma

Product Details
Publisher Triangle Press
Year 1998
ISBN 9781583390559

Triangle Press has undertaken the rewriting of classics into children's language and modern English. Each of these classics, which teach character, exalt Christ, and honor God's word in a refreshing manner not found in more modern books, will teach your child a distinct character building Godly principal. This "Character Building Series" emphasizes strong Christian principals without denominational beliefs. Triangle Press strives to offer the general public material which only reflects the Word of God, and therefore can be read by every Christian regardless of denominational preference. An unforseen illness in the family of George and his sister Fanny forces the two children to stay with their aunt and uncle Gray. In a letter to her brother and his wife asking them to come for the children, their mother warns, "Fanny sometimes loses her temper... I'm afraid her brother tends to be proud and arrogant". The children are unaccustomed to the modest treatment they receive on the farm. The wise uncle uses the roots of a weed in his field as a parable for teaching George and Fanny to rid the root of sin from their own lives.

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