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The Works of Thomas Manton 22 Volume Set HB

The Works of Thomas Manton 22 Volume Set HB

By: Thomas Manton

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Publisher Banner of Truth
Year 2020
ISBN 9781848719132

The Works of Thomas Manton (1620–1677) present us with an outstanding example of what was most characteristic in the ministry of the English Puritans: careful, solid, warm-hearted applicatory exposition of the Scriptures. The entire twenty-two volumes are composed of sermons— the legacy of a lifetime devoted to the patient and systematic teaching and application of God’s word. Like his younger contemporary, John Flavel, Manton’s Works are characterised by great pastoral concern and a balanced wisdom. He was, said William Bates in his funeral sermon, ‘endowed with an extraordinary knowledge in the Scriptures’ and this enabled him to exercise a sustained ministry of verse-by-verse preaching without losing the interest of his congregation.


This set is a facsimile of the James Nisbet & Co. edition of 1870.



VOLUME 1         

Memoir by William Harris             vii

A Practical Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer            3

Christ’s Temptation and Transfiguration                257

Christ’s Redemption and Eternal Existence          415

VOLUME 2         

An Estimate of Manton, by the Rev. J. C. Ryle, B.A.          ix

Several Discourses Tending to Promote Peace and Holiness Among Christians    3

Twenty Sermons              175

Farewell Sermon              410

A Funeral Sermon            424

The Saint’s Triumph Over Death                440

The Blessed Estate of Them That Die in the Lord                456

VOLUME 3         

Eighteen Sermons on the Second Chapter of the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians     1

A Practical Exposition Upon the Fifty-Third Chapter of Isaiah        189

VOLUME 4         

A Practical Exposition of James 

VOLUME 5         

A Practical Commentary; or, an Exposition with Notes, on the Epistle of Jude      1

Meat Out of the Eater   377

England’s Spiritual Languishing   411

Sermons at the Morning Exercise             441

Editorial Note on Smectymnuus Redivivus            501

VOLUME 6         

Several Sermons Upon the CXIX. Psalm (Sermons 1-52)

VOLUME 7         

Several Sermons Upon the CXIX. Psalm (Sermons 53-103)           

VOLUME 8         

Several Sermons Upon the CXIX Psalm (Sermons 104-158)          

VOLUME 9         

Several Sermons Upon the CXIX. Psalm (Sermons 159-190)          1

Several Sermons Upon Matthew XXV. (Sermons 1-16)   319

VOLUME 10       

Several Sermons Upon Matthew XXV. (Sermons 17-27) 1

Sermons Upon John XVII. (Sermons 1-32)            109

VOLUME 11       

Sermons Upon John XVII. Continued (Sermons 33-45)    1

Sermons on Romans VI.                153

Sermons on Romans VIII. (Sermons 1-11)             383

VOLUME 12       

Sermons Upon Romans VIII. Continued (Sermons 12-47)              1

Sermons Upon 2 Corinthians V. (Sermons 1-8)   423

VOLUME 13       

Sermons Upon 2 Corinthians V. Continued (Sermons 9-40)           1

Sermons Upon Hebrews XI. (Sermons 1-17)        318

VOLUME 14       

Sermons Upon Hebrews XI. Continued (Sermons 18-62)              

VOLUME 15       

Sermons Upon Hebrews XI. Continued (Sermons 63-65)               1

A Treatise of the Life of Faith      45

A Treatise of Self-Denial               177

Several Sermons Preached on Public Occasions 297

VOLUME 16       

Sermons on Several Texts of Scripture   1

Several Sermons Upon Titus ii.11-14        73

Sermons Upon Hebrews vi.18    293

Sermons Upon John xiv.1             345

Sermons Upon Luke xii.48            363

Sermons Upon Deuteronomy xxxii.51    387

Sermon Upon Acts xvii.30, 31     397

Sermons Upon Mark x.17-27 (Sermons 1-7)         409

VOLUME 17       

Sermons Upon Mark x.17-27 Continued (Sermons 8-15)                1

Sermons Upon 2 Thessalonians i.3           95

Sermon Upon Matthew viiii.5-10              146

Sermon Upon Matthew xv.21-28              155

Sermon Upon John viii.56             167

Sermon Upon Romans iv.18-21  179

Sermons Upon Mark iii.5              191

Sermons Upon Exodus iv.21        221

Sermon Upon Genesis iii.15        241

Sermons Upon Genesis xxiv.63 263

Sermons on Several Texts of Scripture, Part II     351

Sermons Upon Luke xvi.30, 31   353

Sermon Upon Hebrews xiii.20, 21             373

Sermon Preached on a Day of Public Thanksgiving            383

Sermon Upon Luke xii,31, 32       395

Sermon Upon Hebrews i.9           407

Sermon Upon Acts xxiv.14-16     419

Sermon Upon Zechariah xiv.20, 21           441

Sermons Upon John iii. 14, 15     453

Sermons Upon 1 Thessalonians v.16        469

Sermon Upon 1 Thessalonians v.17          491

VOLUME 18       

Sermons Upon Several Texts of Scripture            

VOLUME 19       

Sermons Upon Several Texts of Scriptures           1

Sermons Upon Ephesians v.1-27               169

VOLUME 20       

Sermons Upon Philippians iii.7-21             1

Sermons Upon Philippians i.21   179

Sermons Upon 2 Thessalonians i.              198

Sermon Upon Matthew xxii.14  353

Sermon Upon Mark vii.37             364

Sermon Upon 2 Corinthians iv.17              371

Sermons Upon 1 John ii.12-14    380

Sermons Upon 1 John iii. (Sermons 1-7) 438

VOLUME 21       

Sermons Upon 1 John iii. Continued (Sermons 8-32)        1

Sermons Upon Acts ii.37, 38        237

Sermons Upon 1 Peter i.23          299

Sermons Upon Psalm xix.13        337

Sermons Upon Psalm cxxxi.        406

Sermons Upon Ezekiel xviii.23    463

Sermon Upon Jeremiah xlv.5      480

VOLUME 22       

Sermons Upon Several Texts of Scripture             1

Funeral Sermon Preached Upon the Death of Dr Manton             123

Index of Subjects             149

Index of Texts   373

Index of Principle Texts

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