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Time Travel to the Old Testament:  Your Essential Companion PB

Time Travel to the Old Testament: Your Essential Companion PB

By: Chris Siskinson

Product Details
Publisher IVP
Year 2013
ISBN 9781844749041

Indulge yourself for a minute... You have been offered the once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel in a time machine. Amazingly, you are about to tunnel through the centuries. Where or what will you visit? It's an exciting concept. And for many Christians, the destination will most certainly be one which informs and aids their faith. Chris Sinkinson is inviting us to bring our Bibles and imaginations on our trip into the fourth dimension. 'The people of the ancient world travelled into the future - we still hear their words today,' he enthuses. 'And the people of the present have a key to travel back into the past - we can re-imagine it through their surviving written records.' We supplement the guides of Bible and imagination with other guides: language, geography and historical context, for example. 'I want to make use of any and every helpful guide to unlock the meaning,' explains the author. It won't always be an easy trip, and it certainly won't be a passive one, but we guarantee that the Old Testament will come alive in a new way, as we are transported far beyond the living room or park bench where we are sitting.

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