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Walk Worthy  Living by the Gospel PB

Walk Worthy Living by the Gospel PB

Product Details
Publisher Covenanter Bookshop
Year 2017
ISBN Walk Worthy

Living by the Gospel

This is an essentially practical book. Although the question and answer format may give the impression that we want to help you to think right, in fact we are aiming beyond that, because what we actually want is to help you to live right - or, as Paul puts it in his letter to the Christians living in Colossae, "to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord."


1. Temperance and Self-Control

2. Possessions and Stewardship

3. Relationships:Family, Friendship, Courtship

4. Communication

5. Employment and Unemployment

6. The Christians Attitude to Entertainment and Lesiure

7. Medical Ethics: Abortion, Euthanasia, Artificial Reproduction

8. The State

9. Body Image


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