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12 Hidden Heroes of the Old Testament - Book 3

12 Hidden Heroes of the Old Testament - Book 3

By: Rebecca Parkinson

Product Details
Publisher Day One
Year 2012
ISBN 9781846253478

Many people dream of becoming rich and famous. We are fascinated by the people who seem to be important, but often we don't notice those who are working tirelessly behind the scenes. The Old Testament is full of stories about men and women, boys and girls who simply did what God wanted them to do, knowing that they would never be famous for their actions - these are the Bible's hidden heroes. In this book Rebecca Parkinson looks at twelve of the unnoticed characters, like Deborah, Jethro, Abishai and Huram, who are rarely mentioned but who were used by God in a great way. You will also enjoy reading other books in the Hidden Heroes series.

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