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Reclaiming Masculinity Seven Biblical Principles for Being the Man God Wants You to Be PB

Reclaiming Masculinity Seven Biblical Principles for Being the Man God Wants You to Be PB

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Publisher Good Book Company
ISBN 9781784988647

In a world where masculinity is often associated with toxicity, what does it mean to "be a man"?

In a straightforward and empathetic way, Matt Fuller gets beyond cultural confusion and stereotypes as he examines what the Bible says is distinctive about being a man. He outlines a positive vision of biblical masculinity and shows what that might look like in real life today. Men will be encouraged to be sacrificial when leading, to work hard and to protect and invest in others.

Whatever your personality and interests—whether you would rather skin a rabbit, read a book or remodel your house—this book will give you confidence and direction to be the man God wants you to be.




  • Introduction: To Be a Man Means…
    What, Exactly?
    Principle #1: Men and Women Really Are
    Different (But Don’t Exaggerate)
    Principle #2: Take Responsibility
    Principle #3: Be Ambitious for God
    Principle #4: Use Your Strength to Protect
    Principle #5: Display Thoughtful Chivalry
    Principle #6: Invest in Friendships
    Principle #7: Raise Healthy “Sons”
    Conclusion: Progress



Christopher Ash

Director, Cornhill Training Course

This is one of the best Christian books I have read in the past five years. Matt Fuller has the courage to speak to a vital question and to do so with refreshing boldness, enviable clarity, loving warmth, and some delicious humour. His practical pastoral experience breathes through every chapter. Every man—and woman too—will benefit from reading it, and it will make a superb volume for a book group.

Paul Dale

Senior Pastor of Church by the Bridge, Sydney

This is such an important and significant book for our current culture. With superb skill, Matt opens up the Scriptures in a way that engages with and challenges cultural norms. My heart was warmed, my spirit stirred and my mind stretched. It’s so relevant for men and women of every stage. I just loved it!

J.A. Medders

Author and pastor

This is a radical book—radical because it’s biblical. We live in a time when masculinity gets an eye roll and is diluted and blurred, but Matt Fuller gives readers an inviting, full-strength, 4K vision of what it means to be a man who follows the Son of Man.

Jason Roach

Senior Minister, The Bridge: Battersea Community Church, London

We desperately need wisdom to live out God’s vision for masculinity. We need it in a way that steers clear of stereotypes yet seeks to take Scripture seriously. And we need to hear it from teachers who model that vision with humility, care and grace. Matt is such a man. This thought-provoking and practical volume will challenge and encourage you in equal measure.

Will Stileman

Associate Rector, All Souls Langham Place, London

I loved this book. It warmed my heart and encouraged my soul. The chapter on ambition had me praying with tears in my eyes.

Terry Virgo

New Frontiers

Biblically rooted and practically illustrated, Matt Fuller’s excellent book comes like a breath of fresh air into the current confusion surrounding modern manhood. Kind and gracious yet incisive and courageous, he not only honours Christian truth but also provides practical and accessible steps that we can follow. Here is a book that many have been waiting for and will be grateful to have.

Malcolm Gill

Lead Pastor, Multicultural Bible Ministry, Sydney

Matt Fuller provides a much-needed voice of calm to the often-heated discussion of what it means to be masculine. Without sidestepping difficult issues, Matt pushes beyond simplistic and often negative caricatures of masculinity to present a positive biblical vision of what it means to thrive as a man created in God’s image. I’m so pleased to have such an excellent resource to be able to commend to others.

Richard Coekin

Senior Minister, CO-MISSION Initiative

A brave and timely gem, packed with fresh and thought-provoking biblical insights and wholesome practical applications, and peppered with gripping stories and illustrations. Matt Fuller gives us a compelling vision of masculinity from God’s word, for today’s confused world.

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